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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 18, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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police make an arrest in the shooting on morgan state univer. university.... karen parks is live outside police headquarters with new into custody. custody. 33 3
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3 a doctor who may have en coming home from horus practice.... is shot dead near his northeast baltimore home.police call it a tragedy that occurred in a city this don't usually was aroond 10:30 last night when doctor peter marvit was approached. neighbors hearid as many as four shots fired.marrit had beee shot in the chest just feet from his, there was a heavy police presence along chesterfield resident wants tooknow where that police prescence was last night.
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2:14:52 they always show up when it's too late and it's sad because you pay you taxes. you do things and you expect to live your life... the american dream :01 :01that neighbor says he moved from his previous home because of gangs.he moved to this area expecting something etter. anne... arundel county police... need your help.../ identifying... aa.. suspicious man... near... an... elementary school. school.surveillance cameras... caught... these photos... of him... outside... "seven oaks"... elemennary odenton. .../ police... were called ...there... shortll before 6 pm... thursday.../ after... may... have been... involved...// in... a lewd act... at the... entrance...//. while... ddycare... and sports activities... were still... taking placee..///.anyone... with information.../ call police. the glen burnie man accused of threatening to carry ut a maas shooting at a state pffice in annapolis is out of jail and he's talking. talking. keith daniels live in glen burnie, where the suspect claims he's done nothing wrong. keith? 3
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"iq: i cant believe... oq: ppove that you didnt do this."
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3 3 he llst the democratic primary forcongress in maryland's first district.but dr. john laferla is now a ""rite-in" candidate. he's is a physiciin who livesin chestertown. democrats have formallyendorsed him...after democraticnominee wendy rosen withdrew from the race..he's accused of registering and
5:35 pm now taking aim at republican incumbant aady harris. (laferla) "the trenddwith the tea party republicans are not really fair to the average person ii the united statts and it makes me mad and it makes me want to do something rather than just sit oo my duff" duff."laferla says he is pro-choice...and supportsthe affordable care act. 3 tte internal investigation into the purchase of pricey video phones by the mayor's office is coming to and end. end.the city's inspector general has been investgating controveesial acquistion of hundreds of thousand of dollars in phones and equipment bb the mayor's office of technology while the similar solicitor - george nilson says, a draft of &pthe report on the ig's findings has now been completed. 22:57:14"i believe there is a
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draft report on the subject out for comment" comment"nilson ays tte final report should be released within 30 days heavy rainssmadeefor a difficult drive late this after. afternoon. check out this video sent to us from a viewer in harford county. the rain was so strong... you could barely see the traffic on the road. mapbelairfibermap395map 3
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it's... a... pream of mine... to... appear on jeopardy. jeopardy. i think you'd make a great contestant, but aa you knoo, it's not easy
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to get there.tonight we meet a maryland man, who made it to the jeopardy stage. stage. (nats)hello baltimore, i'm justin kowal, from glenn burnie. cooe watch me on jeopardy or else i'll get real crabby.clips #25, #20 have justin's rehearsalwhat is 2 thousann seven hundred 13.the :23i've been watching eopardy since i was 5 or 6 yeers old. now, the graduate of loyola university .... and financial mmnnger at northrop grumman..... is putting his knowledge to the test.(nats juutin)clip #201:06:45i always wanted to say this, let me make this a true daily double. (cheers)we caught up with justin during rehearsals on the jeopardy set.he took the online test in thee, last spring, after being inviting to drive to cleveland to test in person......he got the phone call he'll never forget.(sottjustin)clip #44 1111:23saying you're a
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(standup)clip #481:20:031:19;08 1:19:28(editorrnote: i think i maybe cut them together?)so you like watching jeopardy at home. and maybe you're pretty cameras, and alex asking you 3 the questions.... it's a whole different game, than sitting there on your couch. (sot justin)1:11:33clip #44you can sse most of the audience. alex is onll 50 feet away froo you. contestant coordinator maggie peak is there to calm the nerves.(sot maggie speek) the den mothhr that they never wanted, but they're gettting when they comm on what does it take .... to get to the jeopardy stage?it's (sot aggie speak)1:16 55clip #45obviously it's got to be somebody that you want to watch play the game.are thhy really intense when they watch the game. are they funny when they play game. just somebody you want to watch when they play the game.(justtn/ before) &pclip #38:13i thinkkmy chances areepretty good today. fingers, it's game time open---questionable audio)4:26 a financial manager from glen burnie maryland, justin kowal
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proud to represent his hooetown.(justin/before)clip #38:46ii's great coming here from such a great city and can show the world that there are smart people from baltimore, good looking people from baltimore. and just friendly people. we can't show you justin's actual game.... or tell you how he did.(justii/before)clip #38:23so just to be here on this stage. this is something i'll never forget that rest of my life. win lose draw, no matter what.what is, a chance of a lifetime. 3 3 3 the show with justin kowal will air december 19th. tooorrow night, we go behind the scenes of wheel of fortune. fortune. aad remember you can watch jeopardy every weekend at 7pm right after jeopardy at 7:30. -
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7:30. and would you like to be a contestant on wheel of fortune? the wheelmobile is coming to baltimore october 6th and 7th... at the hunt valley towne center. harvarddoffering an ivy league education... foo free. free. for coursess.. at no cost.... and this kid's face says it all.... what a reporter did to scare the child on live tv. 3 --adblib weather tz---
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chances are, you're not made of money,
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so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. ever... dream
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of... an... ivy league... education? now... // possible to get one ... for áfree.á.../// áfree.áá..///christine romans explains schools like princeton harvard and &pstanford are offering courses online at no cost. 3 "i'll be offering an onlinee courre called introduction to sociology." "my name is mitch sociology heee at professor of - princeton...there wwre 40,000 students enrolled in the class this summer from 113 different countries." you heard right. 40,000 students took professor duneier's "massive open online course", or "mooc", for free,
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thanks to a paatnership between princeton university and coursera, an education startup founded by 22stanford professors in 2011. "if you are a wooking professional, it'' tough to go back to school every tuesday and thursday to take classes. but with online education, now it is much mooe convenient." moocs are catching oo. with 16 top universities-- some of them in other countries. a separate partnership between m-i-t, harvard, and cal-berkeley, earlier this year. so who's taking these free classes? and what areethey doing with them? "i thinkkit will help lend credibility to some of the concepts that i'm talking to my clients about." "to do my consultancy better, to help my customers better, i needed to get a depth of knowledge in a subject area." "it's actually a really great thing to add to my profile or my resume to say that i took a course in computer science from stanford." a coursera survey found a majority of students taking a machine learning class last summer were working professionals, hoping to improve their skills for their
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current job, or get themselves a better one. onll 3-and a half percent were unemployed. "there is a gap between training and unemppoyment that can be addressed. and i think that if you are unemployed, a good way to spend some of your time is conducting some training, so that you maintain your skills and allo develop new skills." for now, you can't get a degree from coursera, you don't get college credit. and coursera students admit, that's not all that's missing from the free classes. "i wouldn't want to give up the experience you have of going to a college and having actual classmates." "that's the kind of experience that someone taking an online have. mmnn of the people that - i had in my class this summer were not choosing between a princeton class and an online class, they were choosing between an online class and no class at all." christine romans, cnn, new york. some of the classes offered by ccursera include a mathematical biostattstics
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boot camp from johns hoppins university... and writing in the sciences from ssanford. and find out what a reporter does to put a look like this on the face of a child... coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- growing out your hairmean, which i don't like. so pantene dared me. skip a trim. pantene beautiful lengths. the pro-v keratin protection system, helps prevent breakage and repairs split ends and the program donates $1,000,000 to help woman fighting cancer. so getting longer stronger hair also means i care, that i like! beautiful lengths from pantene. hair so healthy it shines.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... beautiful lengths from pantene. to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. a nevada man dies... leaving behind a small forrune.but it took people a long time... o realize he was gooe. gone.after about a month... neighbors called authorities... after noticing walter samaszko was miising. police found him dead inside hhs home of a heart atttack. when his home was put up for sale....the realtor wass looking through tte man's belonging's and found more &pthan 7- million dollars in gold coins.
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"we thought it was ammunition, opened it up and it was rolls of $20 gold pieces. i've never seen that much gold in my life or coins that old." despite all his assets samaszko did not have a will. the city clerr was able to locate a living relative and will give the money to her. --- react to story --- tornado watches in the area earlier today...have things calmed down a little bbt? bit?chief meteorooogist vytas reid has more...
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we're ... to... the fans... that make our facebook page... a succees.'s ... facebook... fan of the day is... kimberly sawyer....// you... could be.. .a... fox 45... fan of the day..../ daa..../all ... you... have to do... is... go to ... facebook dot com ...slash foxbaltimore../ and... click the "like"... button..../we... day... every weekday... on... fox45 news at five. 3 the orioles pick up some valuble ground in the pennant raae...bruceecunningham has details next in sports unlimited...
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3 with just 14 days to go...the
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orioles are streaking toward the post-season...if youu couldn't stay up last night , they blasted the seattle mariners andgained some valuble ground in the pennant and wild card races.. races.. nate mc louth got things started with this leadoff homer in the 1st, anddbefooe it wes over the orioleshad banged out 15 hits in a 10-4 pictory...the yanees were idle, so their lead over the orioles was cut to jujst a half game, and the birdsnot lead the angels by three full games for the second wild card spot...the pedal is to the metal on the birds bandwagonn..aad it's full speed ahhad. 3 and a sad day for maryland racing...the legendary deputed testamonyyhas died at bonita
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farm in harford county..he was 32...he won theepreakness in 1983, and was the last maryland-bred horse to winthat event..and at the time of his death, he was the oldest living winnnr of a triple crown his 20 race career, deputed testamony won 11 times and finished second 3 times..he was a blue collar horse in a blue collar town and he ran like his paycheck was on the line.deputed testamony. dead at 32. early nighlights from seattle...we'll hear from the ravens, and ourrprep player of the week's all cominn up at 10:50 and 11:30 on sports unlimited --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3
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what... do you get... when... yyu have... an... enthused reporter.. / and... a terrified kid? kid?some very funny video... take a look lookreporter: toss it back. we gotta go to drew the farm kid. how ya doin' there palie. right now, he can't say anything right now, but you know what he's saying right now? e-e-e equals m-c sqared. get thh camera off my face. i'll take this cantaloupe anchor: oh, oh dan, don't make him cry.reporter::i'd make a lousy politician. that's terrible. ttat's terrible. i love that kidanchor: way to go dan. way to make a baby boy cry on live television. television. phe reporter was covering a fall festival ....and as you can see ... he wasn't too popular with the kid... and it all played out on live t-v. 3 that's all for fox45 news at
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5:30."family feud" is next. nexttand we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see you later. later.


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